The Beauty Myth, I’m not so happy.

I’m reading the Beauty Myth for the first time, which is really interesting; however, it has a new introduction, revised in 2002, and it’s stupid. And I’m thinking to myself where are we in this crazy mixed up world that we weren’t thirty years ago. So, I’m going to write this thing – feminist cupcake, so I can express myself and if anyone reads it great and if not, well than that’s great too.

It’s worth explaining why I went with feminist cupcake rather than f-word or Man-eater or A Blog About Women’s Issues. I own the word feminism. I like it. I am a feminist and I’m glad to be one. Not everyone feels this way. I work with a fantastically smart and innovative woman in her fifties who opposes feminism. She wants to be called a humanist, which is all good. I, in no way shape of form, feel animosity or aggression towards men. In fact, I am getting married this year to a really great man, but I don’t claim humanism, because although there are definitely issues that men face which should get a little more airtime and I’m sure sometimes I will talk about some, ultimately I’m interested in what’s happening to me, body and mind.

I’m getting my PhD and I teach undergrads and they don’t like the word feminist. They think it implies something hateful, someone fanatic who they don’t want to be. (I would argue something that keeps them from being accepted among their peers.) So, because of this influence, my first inclination was that I would like young women who are afraid to stand up and say, Fuck it, I’m a feminist to read this blog, and the only way to make that happen would be to soften the word…get it to make nice. (Don’t you hate that.) Feminism shouldn’t have to make nice, but unfortunately even my head strong, wild haired mother thinks the word is uncontrollable, so I didn’t want to go with hearts, rainbows or puppy and I like cupcakes. Plus, I like the rhythm of the words, Feminist Cupcake, the two sound like they jive.

Which of course they don’t because somehow cupcake, in a slang way, has come to mean woman, but not just any woman. This term, this sweet delicious cake for kids has been sexualized. A cupcake is a hot piece of ass, so perhaps it is this version of the word I’m reclaiming. The submission of cupcake from kindergarten to catcall.  A little maybe.

But overall, i think it’s because I haven’t yet come to term with the issues that are in Wolf’s Beauty Myth. I think women are still letting the media control how we feel about ourselves and the world around us, so even though I am, wholeheartedly, a feminist, I’m still a girl, who likes certain things one might call domestic, like cupcakes.

But in your face with that sugary bitch if you think you have a right to tell me what to do.

Disclaimer: this is not to imply that feminists don’t like cupcakes.


2 responses

  1. I agree. And I love Cupcakes. Especially chocolate ones.

    I didn’t like the word feminist either for a long time. I thought it was someone who hated men, like to buzz their hair and didn’t shave their armpits. But it’s really just a term for someone who is interested in exploring and empowering themselves. Like a humanist, only less general.

    And I think you’re a hot piece of ass too 🙂

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