Holy Moly. Basketballs Batman.

So, I could post the picture but I’ll spare you.

I’m working on a paper that deals with how cosmetic surgery effects the beauty ideal and I have just stumbled onto images of women whose breasts are bigger than my car. Okay fine, that’s an exaggeration but not by much.

Yesterday, I said that the new intro to Wolf’s Beauty Myth was stupid, and I think this might be my proof. Wolf says, “These days one rarely reads about breast-size anxiety” (4).  Please, what planet is she living on. Breast implants are more popular than they ever were. A delightfully snarky friend of mine recently noted that he passed a group of young upper-class mothers dropping of there little ones for the bus and 12 out of the 14 were unnaturally pert. These plastic puppies are everywhere!

We must thank Wolf for writing down the ideas; we must acknowledge that she definately allowed us to see that our body ideal is manipulated by the media. Understanding that we are not at fault for all the body anxiety of our daily lives is great, but I know that the anxiety is there, and if you ask me it only gets worse. Wolf exposed the problem but she cannot claim to have solved it or even the right to be responsible for the solving because it’s not solved. We are still struggling to be thinner, younger and more like the women TV.

To her credit Wolf definitely acknowledges that the sex industry has a strong pull over how women are being perceived and how they perceive themselves, particularly young women. We live in an incredible sexualized culture, and sex is good and it shouldn’t be taboo. It should be talked about and understood, and valued as something worth intellectualizing, particularly in regards to safe practice. What it should not be is the gauge by which a woman defines her worth.

We like our lovers, but how sexy we are to them does not define who we are as women and more importantly as people.

Okay fine, twist my arm. You can look at the women with the gargantuan mammary glands, but remember these women are broken by society. They think that the spectacle they’ve created makes them beautiful. They’ve disfigured themselves because the want desperately to belong to the cult of  the beautiful. They’d die for it.  Go ahead, Click it.


Welcome to the world of cosmetic surgery monsters. Scared?


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