Why are people so full of hate?

I’m allowed a rant every now and then and today I offer this one: Remember WWII? We already figured out that hating people because of their religion is bullshit!!!

Florida Atlantic University is in an uproar because an FAU staff member, a woman,  spit on another woman because she was protesting outside a lecture given by speaker Daniel Pipes, entitled “Vanquishing the Islamist Enemy.”  Pipes writes for the New York Times and to be honest not everyone likes the guy but it’s my inkling that his intentions are good. He believes that radical Islam is the problem and moderate Islam is the solution. His views aside, his lecture on the FAU campus was protested. The protesters were peaceful. They carried signs that said things like “Love not Hate” and other fairly unimposing peaceful ideals.

So along comes this hateful off-duty FAU employee woman to spit on the protester. Ouch. The school does nothing, the students are in an uproar, siding with the spitted on, and I’m left wondering who is this spitter? What kind of woman are you in today’s world, which is so filled with hate,  that you chose to hate another woman because she’s a Muslim? How ignorant are you? We are lucky to be surrounded by diversity. Women have enough to deal with as is, let’s not start letting our religions come between us.

Whatever you believe in, God, Mother Earth, Allah, Buddha, Nothing, whatever, you know that honoring the people you come in contact with by being respectful of their beliefs is the high ground. Be smarter than the spitter. Love, don’t hate.


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  1. You’re right – the beautiful thing about this country is that we can respect each others’ right to believe whatever crazy shit we want to believe; without persecution, imprisonment or other Dark Age tactics. But I’m also bored of the politically-correct, offend no one mentality that puts all religions in a pot, stirs it up and pours it like Kool-Aid. Why can’t we have intelligent conversations that question and challenge each other without someone throwing the “offensive” card? Spitting is out of the question, but I’m all for disagreeing – even believing someone else is *gasp* wrong once in a while. We might all learn something. See ya, cupcake. Keep it coming.

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