Beth Ditto and Gossip


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Until this month I’d never heard of Beth Ditto, but then, there she was on the cover of BUST and inside Ms., congratulating the magazine on 35 years. With references like those, I needed to know.

Ditto is the frontman for the Indie band Gossip, which hails from Oregon, but seems to have gained a ton of fame in the UK. What I wanted to know was what makes this young woman important to two of the top US feminist magazines. What I’ve gathered is that she is being praised for her comfort with her body.

Of course not everyone else is comfortable with Ditto’s body because like the Dove print ads from a few years ago, people feel that those that do not match the body ideal should not brag about or throw around their unfamiliar beauty. In Ditto’s case people are also discussing issues of health cause by obesity.

I say, screw ’em. Ditto knows that obesity is unhealthy, we all do. She gets to chose how she cares for her own body.

Be beautiful Ditto.

Oh yeah, Gossip sounds good too…

Go to Myspace and Listen:


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