All I want for Christmas is surgery???

I recieved and article from Women’s e-news today, which was of particular interest to the research I’m currently working on, which ponders the role of plastic surgery in our society. Apparently, the gift that keeps on giving is saline…

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery offers surgery gift cards.

Seems like an insult to me. Don’t corner me, but I haven’t decided my exact thoughts on plastic surgery just yet, but what I do know is that I certianly don’t want to unwrap someone else’s idea desires for my body. What do you think?


One response

  1. I think there are plethora of male @554O135 out there that would give there significant other the perfect rack for the holidays. And I don’t mean gun rack either. However, if a nip and tuck here and a little silicon there will make you feel more empowered isn’t that a good thing?

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