Big Money Honey…

So I’ve just read that Reese Witherspoon commands 15-20 Million dollars a picture, which makes her the top paid woman in Hollywood. I know this thanks to the Yahoo and I find it interesting enough, because anytime a woman makes a Hollywood living based more on talent than tits, I feel good. (Even if her piece of the pie is overtly disproportionate, considering the suffering caused by this world’s extreme poverty and wealth.) What interested me most about this superficial article were the comments that other woman are making in regards these actresses. It’s a whirlwind, a frenzy of babble about their weights, races, and levels of talent, but most interestingly a lot of commentary on how little they do to earn what they earn.

These women are some of the most powerful women in the world. Not only do they work hard and make a whole lot of money, but they are the top of a trickle-down chain. They’re the female role models for our children and in many ways for ourselves. My guess is they know it. I imagine that there lives are pressured and filled with question. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel sorry for them. I just think it’s worthwhile to respect what they do. Someone like Angelina uses her influence to make the world better.

Instead of being jealous of their financial success or intensifying  the pressure for these women to say thin, fashionable, and young, let’s pressure them to be strong role models. Let’s comment on how powerful they are and ask them to wield that power in ways that make the world better.


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