You call this feminist?

So, tonight I went to see a Classicist from University of Miami speak, John Kirby. This guy is smart. He has incredibly intelligent things to say about art and questions of art. The lecture revolved around representations of the “classics,” mostly meaning that of Greece of Rome, on screen. He chooses the word screen because he wants to discuss film, television, video games, Internet and advertisements.  He showed us an advertisement from the 2004 Superbowl:

His goal was to discuss the classical themes, which are fairly self explanatory but interesting all the same. However, he dropped the ball in regards to feminism. He calls this ad feminist because the women are “defiant,” which is true but the camera exploits their bodies with the same old male gaze that chains women to purely sexual identities, undermining their defiance and making them prisoners , sex slaves, once again.


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