Who knows best? A Woman or Obama?

I read an article in the New York Times that I think women should read. This article asks the question is Hillary Clinton the one women should vote for purely because she is a woman? Or is Obama a better choice?

It’s a complicated question. So far, I have yet to pitch my tent in any particular camp, but It’s tough not to rush the thinking process and jump onboard with the Clinton clan, just because of our fundamental link, woman-ness.

However, for me there must be more than just that. The aspiration of feminism should be the best for mankind. I do not aspire to be equal to men or better than men, or even compared to men. I aspire to be the best I can be and I expect to do so in a political environment that does not discriminate against me because of my sex.

For years, I’ve been preaching that the one-issue voter will destroy the future of this country. We can’t go to the polls and vote on one idea; we need to pick the candidate that best suits our overall needs. This is not a one-issue vote. We can’t vote solely on sex alone.

So let them all throw their hats in the ring and may the best woman win 😉


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