The Man I Love…

Since I began this post I’ve read a ton of anti-feminist diatribes that regergitate the man-hating feminist cliche. I’m so tired of this stupidity.

I am madly in love with a man. I respect him. Our relationship makes me a better person and a better woman. We remind each other who we want to be and we both shine brighter because we’re partners.

He is the kind of man who makes the world better. He is open minded and full of joy. He is a man that all ready lives in a world where women are equal.

I love him, everyday.

If you asked him on the street, “What’s a Feminist?” He’d say, “Me.”


2 responses

  1. The last couple shown was pretty funny. The look on her face after (persumably her husband) says the man is the head of the household was priceless, especially where she said there was no need for feminists.

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