Excerpted from the Famous Plastic Surgery Paper…

I thought perhaps some of you out here in the blogosphere might be interested in this moment from my paper:

In order to understand ease with which we accept surgical modification, we must understand that with help from the media we have learned to categorize plastic surgery as an easy and simple modification process, which makes us better than we are. This point is exemplified by examining the article, “Booby Prize for Bunny Adrianne,” which was published in the December 2007 issue of Star. The beginning of the article reads:
Adrienne Curry will grace the cover of Playboy magazine for a second time in January – and she’ll be showing off something new: This time the reality TV star is sporting a bigger cup size. “Adrienne is so proud of her new boobs,” says a source. “She wants the whole word see how much curvier she is. She feels sexier than ever.”

Now, while you and I would not aspire to grace the cover of Playboy, there are many women who do and there are many people who believe that the women found on the pages of Playboy epitomize ideal physical Beauty. So, having your image on the cover of Playboy is a beauty status symbol and Adrienne Curry has this opportunity for a “second time.” Why? The implication of the article is that her “bigger cup size” makes her “sexier than ever,” and therefore Playboy wants her all over again. Curry is “sporting” her “new” boobs, like new accessory; she is “proud” to have undergone this surgery to perfect her appearance. The nonchalant, casual word, “sporting,” often used to describe throwing on something new and fashionable, implies that gaining these new breasts was simple, casual even. Photographs exemplifying Curry’s breast enhancement accompany the text. The smaller, less busty image is overpowered by the larger new and “curvier” Curry, reinforcing the idea that it is more worthwhile to look at her because she is more beautiful after her breast augmentation. Nowhere in the article is there any connotation that Curry’s breast augmentation was anything but positive. The article even adds that unlike “most models,” Curry was not “nervous or awkward” about her naked body. Curry’s surgery is presented solely as a means of increasing her Beauty status and creating happier more confident women.

YUCK! Bad Star Magazine, BAD!


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