Washington DC: Women, Women Everywhere!

So I’ve just returned from Washington DC, which was absolutely inspiring. If any of you have the oportunity to go, do. We visited all the govenment buildings. I was particularly mpressed by the capital building. First off the rotunda is extrememly beautiful and secondly, there is fairly strong female representation in the joint. Well, strong may be the wrong word. There is a feeling that historic females are represented, which is good.

I picked up a great Hillary in 2008 pin, which features Rosie the Riveter. Most of the weekend I was overcome by how impactful it feels to have Nancy Pelosi at the helm of congress and Hillary running for president. It’s an amazing year for american women.

I have been hesitent to support Hillary because I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t just doing so because she was a woman, but this weekend I got to thinking and what I’ve actually been doing is denying my support for her because she is a woman. Deep down inside I fear that a woman cannot win and we need change for the better, before it’s too late. I have always liked Hillary and Bill despite their personal issues. I think they are talented “governers.” (By that I mean people who govern.) So, hopeful that the world isn’t as awful as I think, I’ve decided that for me it’s Hillary in 2008!

Perhaps later in the week I’ll talk some spicific points about why I like Hillary.

One other note, while I was in Washington DC I had the opportunity to visit the National Museum of Women in the Arts. WOW! An absolutely awesome place. Right now they are featuring WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution. Please, if you have the opportunity to see this exhibit, GO. I cannot teel you how much feelining and passion emenates from these works, concerned with eveything from body image to feverish political activism. Really awesome.


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