Ladies’ Night, legal or illegal?

In Manhattan a man has sued a number of night clubs, claiming that ladies’ night specials that offer free or discounted drinks to women discriminate aginst him. The night clubs’ lawyers are claiming that the whole idea is absurd. The lawyers argue that if ladies’ nights are illegal than so are early birds and kids eat free prmotions because they discriiminate against those of other ages. As far as I’m concerned the absurdity of the ladies’ night special is so much more than a possibly unfair discount.

There are a number of cases such as this one popping up around the country. The New York Times featured an article about a lawsuit against a Las Vegas Gym.

The idea of Ladies’ Night never really sat right with me. It seems to ring the same bell as the teen that took home ec. to meet girls. Ladies’ nights aren’t really about women at all. There about getting women to clubs so that men will show up and harvest the crop. EWE!

So, do I feel this man is being discriminated against, No. Do I want to go dancing somewhere that offers special ladies’ nights, NEVER!

Ladies Night is LAME.


One response

  1. How idiotic of these bars to have Ladies Nights. Of course, they’re illegal, just like Caucasion Nights, Men’s Nights, and Heterosexual Nights would be where the favored group gets free drinks or admission. Sex-based promotions such as Ladies Nights not only discriminate against men, but they also perpetuate ugly stereotypes about women, such as, (1) women genetically cannot make as much money as men,(2) women are little more than sexual bait, and (3) women are like escorts or prostitutes who must be paid, albeit indirectly by free cover charges or drinks subsidized by male patrons, in order to meet, talk to, date, or have sex.

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