Viggo’s still sexy, right?

Tonight I’m thinking about ageism and the double standard in regards to women. In general your female heroine is easily under 40, right?

Viggo.jpg Jessica.jpg

Take a look at these two. Both would be catagorized as sex symbols, don’t you think? This year Viggo will turn 50. It is my contention that there are few to no women who are 50 that would easily be catagorized as “sexy symbols,” still sexy, maybe. Isn’t that sad?

Women are strong and sexy way past fifty and in a perfect world magazines and hollywood understand this. Recently, in a creative writing class I wrote a short story about the screwed up love lives of sixty-something singles, the most consistant comment by my peers was a note that people in their sixties don’t have “love” issues. Please, life does not happen only between the ages of 18 and 45.


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