Bikini Bodies

SO the cover of this month’s star (I think, might be another rag mag) features an article entitled “Hollywood’s Best and Worst Beach Bodies” On the left side is Hayden, whatever her last name is from Heroes and on the right side is a picture positioned just so that the woman in visible from only the neck down.


This headless woman is less tight than Hayden, who may I remind you isn’t even twenty years old yet.


Turns out the headless woman is Cindy Crawford, Supermodel and possible canidate for Goddess of Beauty. HELLO!! This woman has been the standard to which we’ve lived up to for years and now because she has kids and she’s older than she used to be you want me to replace her with the younger model and compete with that?? Cindy in gorgeous. Always will be.

The world needs to get a handle on this out of control beauty issue, which may be why I took fault with the intro to the Beauty Myth all those weeks ago. This issue with beauty and aging is an impossible burden. BEAUTY GROWS OLD. OLD DOES NOT EQUAL UGLY!



Notice that this picture was taken on exactly the same day as the “worst” shot.

By the way, Cindy has been supporting another favorite in the fight for the beautiful, yet normal woman, Jennifer Love Hewitt.


One response

  1. I think I saw that mag at the store; they all feature similiar stories these days. There was an article about this trend in the latest issue of Bust magazine (the issue with Beth Ditto on the cover).

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