You can’t stop menopause…

But according to OLAY: “You can have skin that looks too young for it.”

I know, I know, please will I stop ranting about the nature of the beauty industry, but it’s everywhere I turn. The more aware I become the less I want to participate with mainstream society. (I never did that well to begin with, but still.)

I was watching two and a half men the other day, which I thought was a funny and cute show, but I guess I haven’t seen the show all that many times. I hear a lot of people talk about how funny it is, and it has its moments, but wow is it chauvinist. In these two episodes I saw a woman conjoled with shopping and two men bribed into loving their mother’s boyfriend when he paid for their prostitutes. Lovely, huh?

I do not want to become one of those people who is insists on political correctness. To be honest, I can’t stand being in the room with that type of person and I certianly don’t want to be friends with them. Life should come naturally and not feel contrived but when we consider the constant force with which the beauty industry attacks our self esteem, it’s no wonder that the world is filled with double standards and negitive images of beauty.


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