Obama, Huh?

So it seems that Obama won the iowa caucus….
He also won the women’s votes. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing. My first reaction was definately dissapointment.

So I look out into the blogosphere and ask all the women out there, why not Hillary?


2 responses

  1. I must admit that I’m personally thrilled that Hillary got third. She doesn’t represent true change. She has no true populous message. She has aligned herself greatly with corporate money. I could go on about how and why corporate interests have destroyed the “American Dream” and derailed the interests of women and minorities. I don’t trust her, don’t like her, don’t agree with her. I don’t care that she’s a woman. I want someone who has honest interest in empowering women and those who are in need of empowerment – Go Edwards! (although Obama is a close second)

  2. She’s too middle of the road to be my first choice. I think like most politicians she’s too willing to “go with the flow” of status quo. However, if she does happen to win the nomination over Barack Obama, I will probably be giddy to vote for a woman for president.

    Do you remember “the year of the woman” back in 92?

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