Hillary behind in New Hampshire

A good friend of mine who is fairly active in florida politics and has always been a political mind, used to ask this question at college keg parties: Who will be president first a black man or a white woman?

The answer was almost always a black man but not until 2020 or 2050. So, in some ways we’re ahead of the curve. But with this in mind, I find myself wondering what exactly do people see in Obama? I know that he is touting change, and I know we need change, but is saying you’ll bring change a full platform for a presidential canidate?

As a country we are dissatisfied, as we should be. But we cannot be reactionary voters, especially if we’re women.

My friend notes that for her this is a gender war. (She wouldn’t say that to her constituates, but she feels it.) America does not like women in power, feminists should.

Right now we face huge International problems and we need someone with experiance in the hot seat. Hillary is that canidate, and as far as I’m concerened her being a woman is just a nifty perk.

2 responses

  1. I would agree with you if her record on international problems weren’t so abominable. I would love to have a woman president.

    You’re friend’s right about a gender war, but this country is in such a perilous position, both in the world’s opinion and in the immediate choices we much face in order to secure the health and security of our future. Wwe can’t afford someone that’s nearly as divisive as W himself. Nothing will be accomplished and we will be in continued gridlock while Hillary is president. Not because she’s a woman, but because she’s Hillary. The republicans want her as the Democratic candidate, you can almost see them drool. Because they know they can tear her apart. Because she’s the Hillary of the “Clinton Era”.

  2. I don’t get this argument. WHY is Hillary so divisive? Is it just HER and her supposedly obvious negative qualities like frigidity, coldness, viciousness, lamp throwing.. OR is it the right wing smear campaign that has been following her since she committed the unpardonable sin of criticizing country songs and failing to have a ready cookie recipe?

    If Hillary Clinton is too divisive for this country.. it’s because this country is DIVIDED between those who disagree with Hillary’s stands and those of us who agree with her. As for Hillary’s “war vote”.. we ALL know that she had to cast that vote or she would have been flamed so badly in 2002 she’d never have been able to run for a 2nd term in the Senate let alone for President.

    I’m resigned to the Obamamania, but you’re kidding if you think he’s not about to take the drubbing of his life once he is the Democratic nominee. I’m a black man and if it comes to November and Obama is running behind McCain or Romney by 10 points and can’t seal the deal it’s not going to be good for Barack or for Blacks!

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