So I read this thing about obama today and I thought I’d pass it along. I can’t promise that it’s not propaganda from the Hillary camp, but I look up some things that seemed to be true. Politicians are always politicians.

Obama supported an Energy Bill in 2005 that gave tax
breaks to oil companies was larded with all kinds of
special interest breaks, giveaways to the oil
companies. Hillary voted NO!

Senator Obama’s chair in New Hampshire is a
lobbyist. He lobbies for the drug companies

Four years ago he was for single-payer health care.
Then he moved toward a rejection of that, a more
incremental approach. Then he was for universal
health care; then he proposed a health care plan
that doesn’t cover everybody.

He said he would vote against the Patriot Act; but
came to the Senate, and voted for it. He said that
he would vote against funding for the Iraq war; but
came to the Senate and voted for $300 billion of it.

Let us look at Barack’s accomplishments in the
Community Organization in Illinois and the Illinois
State Senate as well as the U.S. Senate. This info
contained in articles from the Sun-Times, Chicago
Tribune, boston.com – Mar 2006, The Nation Jun 2006,
and Politico.com – Nov 2007 However, these stories
only lived 10 minutes.

He has been friends with Rezko on a social level for
10 years and was approached by Rezko re joining in a
real estate venture while he was working to
establish low income housing through the community
group. He declined. However, when it turned out that
Rezko was a slumlord in Obama’s district, Obama pled

He has been after Hillary to release papers from her
husband’s administration. Yet he has ignored
requests from the Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune
to do the same for his time in the Illinois Senate.
He now says he gave them all to his successor.

He voted against the Bankruptcy bill in the U.S.
Senate but also voted against an amendment that
would have capped interest rates at 30%.

He voted FOR the class-action “reform” bill which
limited “frivolous” lawsuits which was denounced by
the Democratic Party and most major civil rights and
consumer groups.

He supported Joe Lieberman’s re-election over Ned
Lamont (an activist and anti-war candidate).
Lieberman has been his mentor since he has been in
the Senate.

Last but not least, after he was elected to the
Senate, he was pretty mum on the war until until
late in 2005 when John Murtha gave his press
conference calling for troop withdrawal. Obama, five
days later, came out calling for a drawdown in 2006
but pulled back on this when he appeared on Meet the
Press in January, saying – as the neocons were –
that withdrawing troops “would be irresponsible” –
but then in May 2006 again reversed himself and
attacked the “stay the course” policy.


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