Wear skimpy panties…be a patriot!

I was turned on to this german ad by and then she said. According to her the text translates to Germany needs more babies. Our contribution:.

An analytical mind might infer from this ad women naturally want to have babies so all a country need do is dress its women in skimpy skivies and then the men will be so aroused that thay will let down their guard and children will naturally follow.

But I imagine that woman other me aren’t willing to drop everything at the idea of being a baby maker…just a guess.

How to you feel about the international role of women?


One response

  1. I’m sick of the world’s perception of women. I’m sick of the idea that they’re just young playthings until they get to a certain age where they need to splay open their legs and squeeze out the Tonka truck players. But some of these women aren’t helping either by appearing in these kind of ads. But then again, if these same women are using the money to build billion dollar corporations then well… I got no problem with that.

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