How far will we go?

Everyday I recieve a little note from Daily Candy, which alerts me to the wonders of the world. Sometimes they are trite, but most often it’s a worthwhile read…lets me know what’s up in the world of travel etc.

Today I recieved this:

February 5, 2008
BungGlow 8
South Beach Skin Solutions Lightening Gel

Van Morrison wrote the song “Brown Eyed Girl” as an endearing ode to a former love.

And while some will always argue that brown eyes are classic, others are looking for a change.

It has come to our attention that it is no longer acceptable for your bunghole to be, well, brown. (Yeah, we said bunghole.) And South Beach Skin Solutions has developed a lightening gel that is safe for that sensitive area (no, we have not tried it).

The natural product claims to give your poopshooter “a fresher, more youthful look” by making it blend in with your natural skin tone. (Seriously?) Here’s how it works: The gentle formula first exfoliates then naturally depigments and whitens the backdoor by reducing the activity of tyrosinase (an enzyme responsible for darkening) in the skin.

They claim you’ll see results in just a few weeks, or else you get your money back.

Consider it your ace in the hole.

Available online at


There are moments when beauty goes so far that I am beyond uncomfortable…I am just disgusted.

No need to homogonize your anus. The world will go on if it remains its god given color.


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