“Don’t Count Our Girl Out Just Yet!

Last week on NPR they spoke with a woman from Ohio named Jan who was a Hillary supporter and I stole the title of this post from her…

My mother just called, my grandmother woke her up and hollering with joy said, “She did it! She took Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island!” My mother cried.

I was in my car while this outcry of success took place, listening to NPR, wondering if I’d wake them up if I called to express my own joy.  It’s not a delegte win but us Hillary supporters can breath a little easier.

And we are.

Hillary writes:

It’s a pretty incredible feeling, isn’t it? After our victories tonight we have the momentum, thanks to your will, determination, and hard work.

Some people were ready to count us out. But you and I proved them wrong, just as we have every time they tried to declare this race over prematurely. And we’re going to keep showing them exactly what we can do.

We’re going to do it for everyone across America who’s been counted out — but refused to be knocked out. For everyone who’s stumbled — but stood right back up. And for everyone who works hard — but never gives up.

I hope you enjoy our victories tonight as much as I am. We won this one together, and that makes it that much better. Thank you so very much for all you have done for our campaign. Let’s build on this remarkable momentum.

Thank you for everything you did to make this night possible.

All the best,

I say take the momentum and run! Hillary 2008.


3 responses

  1. Unfortunately, I think she has to win each state’s primary from here on out by 60-65% to catch up to him in delegates. I also heard a rumor that he got 50 superdelegates to switch to his side today, which basically ties them in that area. They do have 7 weeks till the next big one though.

  2. Can’t you just let a girl feel a little joy! You never know…it’s possible and it wouldn’t have been if she didn’t have a few wins.
    Luckily, I know your not a complete killjoy in person! XOXOOX Love you.

  3. I love you too! I wasn’t meaning to be a killjoy, I just would hate for you to get all excited and then disappointed in the end. It IS still a possibility, she’s just the long shot at this point. The anticipation may kill me though.

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