Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist

My husband and I went to see Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist last night. I was excited to see this film because the lighter side of me loves these new “emo” teen flicks, as you all know from my praise for JUNO. I think that these films tend to focus on intelligence in both men and women and have a new open minded perspective on the diversity of society, Unfortunately, Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist was lame! Oh so lame. It was going along fine; girl with beauty image issues meets sensitive boy and they realize they are connected – musically which equates to spiritually.

But then – Nora’s biggest embarrassment, that which she wished the world didn’t know was that she had never had an orgasm, which we will admit is sad, but a strange thing for a teen girl to ponder…and then, she met the right sensitive man, who fingered her for – 35 seconds…TOPS…..and off she went screaming, cooing and curling her toes. ICK.

I was so turned off by this. What exactly is this film trying to say about orgasms? Keep looking till you have the right guy and then it will happen? Certain men have the power to command orgasms? How about knowing yourself and your body’s needs? What a concept, huh? It is also implied that Nick and Nora are “soul mates,” so does this mean that the guy that can give you an orgasm is your soul mate…

Let’s just say this, my love for the emo-teen flick has cooled. Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist should be avoided not only because it sends weird messages about a woman’s sexuality but also because it just wasn’t very good.

Ah Sarah…

I try to avoid spending my days shivering in fear of Sarah Palin…She’s some kinda scary. Today I received this photo from a friend and I thought I’d do my part to share it with the world.

Funny because its TRUE!

What do you do if the first woman vice president of the United States doesn’t stand up for anything that women believe in?  Its really creepy.

It’s been a while…

I thinking about feminist cupcake and I’ve decided the reason I never write anymore is because I wasn’t really writing before. I started out by writing and thinking and learning new things…but then I kind of drifted into the abyss of the presidential race and didn’t tell anyone anything they hadn’t heard before. So, I begin again…from now on this blog will represent more of me

More thoughts about how I feel about things…what ever they may be…more honesty, less spreading the word. Although I imagine that I will spread the word too…’cause why not…so, on November 4th, vote OBAMA!!!!