Anne E. Dunwoody

Today this woman, Anne E Dunwoody, who I have to admit I know little about broke the “glass ceiling” and became the first female 4 star general. It’s feminist news. And it’s important and valuable.

This year the we’ve thrown around the term “glass ceiling” like never before. And I’ve been thinking, that the more we talk about these things, the louder we clamour, the more conscious we seem to become. Do you think women everywhere want to see other women break through and succeed? Do you think that all the noise that this historical election will grow louder still – until women no longer need to clamour? Maybe all this rising above the “glass ceiling,” will help us be heard. (That is if these women and others are sympathetic to the needs of women) I am hopeful today.

The glass ceiling is something we’ve been chasing after for a long time and I am hopeful that suddenly like a herd of horses were careening at the glass, hammers in hand.