Roman Polanski

So after more than three decades Roman Polanski has been arrested, and people everywhere seem to feel sorry for him. I’m confused. Isn’t raping a thirteen year old an atrocity?

Sure, the guy is a cinematic genius and an Oscar winner. And sure the Manson family brutally murdered his wife and unborn son. And I’ll even give you that he’s old and repentent. Yes, it’s also true that the victim feels that all of this is in the past…

But really people stop feeling sorry for this man. He drugged, raped and sodomize a child.


2 responses

  1. Why? His terrible actions make him no less human, no less feeling, when someone does evil we do not do evil onto them in return,two wrongs do not make a right.
    ‘Evil’ people are ill,they need treatment, and a chance to not do bad any more.

    • Agreed – people who are sick need treatment – I’m not going to go with the word “evil” because it’s too laden with a religious history and I just don’t buy it. But that is not what were talking about here. Polanski raped a girl decades ago – he did terrible things and my point was we don’t need to feel bad or worry about him when he gets arrested for those crimes. Arresting him is our option right now – Someday in an idea future we will actually listen when men like James Gilligan when they explain that their life’s work proves that incarceration – as it stands – does not help criminals get healthier, and that we need to create facilities that help criminals see the error in their ways through treatment, rather than punishment. However, we ain’t there yet! So, I just couldn’t believe that people we sitting around feeling sorry for Polanski – what about her?? Sure, feel capable of forgiveness or forgive – but sorry – Polanski going to Jail isn’t a wrong – he’s not being beaten, tortured or sodomized, like his victim. He’s doing his time – most likely in a high security white collar prison where he can watch the Home shopping network and play cards.

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