Racist Holloween Costume


I couldn’t help myself. I had to note Amanda Hess’s worst Holloween costume for today because not only is it ridiculous, it’s racist and absurd. SO there you have it the blond indian complete with ankle cuff. I could puke

The Yellow Wallpaper

I re-read The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman today. I felt that I needed to note that Gilman was a mind ahead of her time.

Can you imagine living a life where if you spoke your mind you were diagnosed as Ill – hysterical. And then banished to weeks of bed rest.

Last week I read Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and decided that in a Puritan society, I would have been burned at the stake ad a witch. Now it appears that two centuries later I would have been imprisoned in an institution – having been diagnosed as clinically hysterical.