I’m Afraid that Stepford Wives are Real

So, I know I’ve been missing in action for a while but I’ve been meaning to pay more attention to this blog and today’s the day!

Currently I am taking a fantastic class, New Cyborg Theory taught by Prof. Lisa Swanstrom at Florida Atlantic University. The class has a website, which isn’t very accesable to outsiders but one of my fellow classmates posted an article entitled “Inventor Builds She-3P0 Robot”.

You can look at the article but the basic gist is that a Canadian inventor has created a “perfect wife” robot.  This is exactly what my nightmares are about. This is crazy stepford wife stuff! She’s a GPS and an e-reader, not a person. What about intimacy? The article says that she could be made to “simulate” having an orgasm?!?!?! Is that the purpose of female sexuality? An orgasm for a man to appriciate? It is moments like this that remind me how topsy turvy the world still is in terms of female subjegation. She-3Po, The perfect wife – a.k.a. a non-entity, a slave, who spends her day catering to her husband’s whims.

Here she is….

This  just to makes the hair on my arms stand up.  How about you?


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