More Breastfeeding baby doll stuff…


There are some interesting points in this conversation – I’m particularly taken with Sara Gilbert’s points about the thumb.  But what really amazes me is how many news reels were like this…what’s up with Americans? (The first one is off Fox News – so clearly, I expect this from that particular station but what is up with all the negative feedback – in general.)

Have you seen Breast Milk Baby?

I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback about how this is “sexualizing” young girls (not sure why breastfeeding MUST equate to sex but…)and also how it’s “just gross.”  I tend to think that is completely about our squeamishness about the body and our association of breasts with sinful sexuality. I’m inclined to think this opens up a pretty interesting conversation  regarding the body, particularly the bodies of women and reproduction.  If we give them baby dolls with bottles why not breastfeeding? What do you think?