More Breastfeeding baby doll stuff…


There are some interesting points in this conversation – I’m particularly taken with Sara Gilbert’s points about the thumb.  But what really amazes me is how many news reels were like this…what’s up with Americans? (The first one is off Fox News – so clearly, I expect this from that particular station but what is up with all the negative feedback – in general.)

2 responses

  1. I think Sara Gilbert is the only sane one of the group (and the guest lady). Biologically, we could (and maybe should) be breast feeding up to 5 or 6. It’s only weird because we’re so f***ing repressed in this country that everything about the body equates to sex.

    Even Tom was initially put off until he thought about it. And like the lady said, older brothers and sisters are going to mimic the act when they see mom and baby, anyway.

    Why is it okay for a doll to come with a bottle? … that’s not natural.

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