The Porch – Tonight at 5:30!

I’m not sure that all my readers are aware that I not only go by the handel Feminist Cupcake, but I am also know as Listerine! Check out this bad ass:


This particular alterego of mine is found yacking it up on FAU’s owl radio on a talk show called The Porch which is hosted by V, another savory character:

The show also features a number of other interesting voices – including my nearest dearest – DJ Oral-B, who is clearly morning the shut down of the shuttle program:

In particular, the porch is availible live through owl radio’s website or shoutcast at 5:30 on Wednesdays – or you can subscribe to the Porch on itunes by clicking here. Also when were on the air the phones are open so call in tonight:

(561) 297-2842


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