Strauss-Kahn Case: The Question of a Woman’s Reputation

This makes me sick.


2 responses

  1. Listen – I am going to be perfectly clear about this. This woman is quite possibly absolutely gross, and she may be a liar and a thief and her credibility may be worth nothing and this case may absolutely need to be thrown out. Despite the other woman who said this guy did the same thing to them, (See this one for example: or this article in Time Magazine:,8599,2072209,00.html), this guy may be wrongfully accused or he may not. (And, unfortunately, the world clearly has a history of favoring rich men over poor women when it comes to he said/she said situations. )

    The issue here is not about this woman or this man – it is an issue about rape. It’s sick if she lied – it makes it harder for women who really get raped. It’s sick if she didn’t lie and because then we as a culture are implying that if she’s a disgusting or immoral person she can’t be raped. ANY one can be raped – a wife, a prostitute, a drug addict, an immigrant, a daughter, a husband, a son, a prisoner. Anyone can be forced to perform sexual acts they don’t want to perform and that is rape. Moral character has nothing to do with it. And the idea that it does, that makes me sick.

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