Can you eliminate gender from school?

Many of you entered the conversation a few months ago when I discussed a Canadian family’s choice to raise their child with no gender. This week a swedish preschool is changing their policies so as to eliminate gender from the classroom.

Does this change the conversation? Is gender the problem so therefore a genderless world would be better world -? The article in Huffington post notes that: “Some parents worry things have gone too far. An obsession with obliterating gender roles, they say, could make the children confused and ill-prepared to face the world outside kindergarten.”

What say you? Can we eliminate gender? Will it make us better? Is this just an interesting experiment?


2 responses

  1. The problem with our current societies with regard to gender is that they’ve decided if you aren’t a masculine man or a feminine woman, you’re deviant and need to be corrected. If “eliminating gender” means getting rid of gender role expectations and norms, then there can be nothing bad about that. But if “eliminating gender” means not allowing the women who are naturally feminine to be so or allowing the men who are naturally masculine to be so, how would it be any better than forcing naturally masculine women to be feminine or naturally feminine men to be masculine?

    We just need to stop policing gender period.

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