Fat Studies Blogs and Sites That Bring a Tear of Joy to my Eye

I am not sure that many of you even realize that there is a field of study devoted to the discrimination and opression of fat bodies, but it is something to which I devote a lot of thinking and therorizing and something that has been written about in the New York Times. In particular, I am presenting a fat studies paper entitled, “RESISTING THE EXPANSION OF PATRIARCHY’S FEMININE AESTHETIC, IN FAVOR OF A TRULY FEMALE REVOLUTION” at the annual conference of the National Association of Women’s Studies on November 9th in Atlanta.  In light of this event I thought I might turn you on to the field of fat studies and the fatosphere by noting some of my favorite fat studies blogs and websites.

  1. The Chubsters – Eat your heart out Charlie’s Angels
  2. Obesity Timebomb – This is the blog of Charlotte Copper, who wrote Fat and Proud: The Politics of Size
  3. Uppity Fatty – This site features nudes of fat women – while there is some conversation to be had about male gaze and objectification, there is also something amazing about women who choose to be this comfortable and beautiful in a world that tells them to hate everything about their bodies.
  4. Fat dialogue – Just an amazing resource, particularly the Fat Hub pages.
  5. Big Fat Blog – Paul McAleer’s blog about fat discrimination is huge. So much info, so little time.
  6. Shapely Prose – Written by Kate Harding, this now defunct blog may be the most famous fat acceptance blog. Check out the archives.
  7. The Rotund – Marianne Kirby is on a mission here to let people know that fat people are not the enemy. And skinny people aren’t the enemy either.
  8. Red No. 3 – features Maggie – check her out.
  9. Fathuffalump – smart, funny, real.
  10. Communications of a Fat Waitress –  the fat feminisms of Amanda Levitt.
  11. Badass Fatass – another fabulous fat feminist, Michaela Null.
  12. Two whole cakes – written by Lesley Kinzel,  who describes herself as “a mouthy fat broad who deals in body politics, social justice activism, and pop-cultural criticism, usually from a feminist-flavored perspective.”
  13. Corpulent – Frances writes about fat fashions and provides resources for finding hip clothes.
  14. Adopostivity –  A project with a mission: “The Adipositivity Project aims to promote size acceptance, not by listing the merits of big people, or detailing examples of excellence (these things are easily seen all around us), but rather, through a visual display of fat physicality. The sort that’s normally unseen. The hope is to widen definitions of physical beauty. Literally.”
  15.  Riots Not Diets  – a blog written by Margitte Leah, an Fat activist and scholar.
  16. Fatuosity – a blog that critiques  “not only of dominant ideas about fat, but also on occasion, of dominant ideas about fat acceptance.”
  17.  The Art of J. Rose – Fat positive art.
  18. Natalie Perkins – a illustrator who is interested in Fatness and body image.
  19. Big Fat Deal – a blog that looks at weight in popular culture.
  20. The Big Ballet

8 responses

    • Wow! Hi Marilyn – so nice to have you comment here on feminist cupcake!!! I have been a fan for a long time. Fat! So? was on of the first fat acceptance books I ever saw and you are an inspiration to fat girls everywhere. Rock on! To my readers, if you don’t know this book/zine you should. Buy it here.

  1. This is a *wonderful* resource. Thanks so much for putting these all together and sharing! I am also fat and these all brought a tear of joy to my eyes as well. I plan to link to this post from my site.

    Also, I love the new look and feel of your blog, and the About page. Awesome!

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