Feminist Haikus (Can you pluralize that?)

Read a Haiku on a tea bottle today. Wondered if anyone had ever written a feminist Haiku…figured they had. Googled it. Found these @ Haiku News:

“Barbie’s Next Career? Computer Engineer” (Diane Mayr)

another pair of

Barbie’s high heels

to lose

“Ohio Judge Forces Rape Victims To Take Lie Detector Tests” (Robert Moyer)

rape victim

the look on her face

says it all

And this @ http://www.timbooktu.com/woody/blkhaiku.htm

Black Feminist Haiku

Woman is to strength
What pride means to my blackness
Confronting beauty!

And these two @ mookychick

Feminist haiku example #1

Patriarchy smash
A joyous endeavour, yeah?
Not a violent sport

Feminist haiku example #2

First date. Doing great
until he called me a whore.
Feminist? Nuh-uh.

Just  thought I’d share…


One response

  1. Hey – nice post, and thanks for using poems from Haiku News (a site I edited with Laurence Stacey). We published a lot of haiku that were feminist explicitly, and that engaged with the representation of women in contemporary culture. Thought you’d be interested to know that ‘haiku’ is already plural (as the Japanese language implies plurality rather stating it – so haiku is both singular and plural simultaneously).

    All the best-
    Dick Whyte

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