Feminist Wiki!

This is the description of the scope of the Feminist Wiki project:

The scope of WikiProject Feminism includes articles about feminism, women’s rights, women’s health, the herstory of women’s rights, notable women’s rights activists, concepts related to feminism, the herstory of feminism, notable feminists and philosophers, and works of feminist literature and feminist philosophy. Our goal is to find, expand, create and identify all the substantive topics in feminism and women’s rights and to expand the presence of these topics on Wikipedia.

  • You don’t have to identify as a feminist to join WikiProject Feminism; however, you may want to Google the definition of feminism, which advocates that women have equal rights with men.
  • If you have knowledge of, an interest in, or simply want to help improve articles pertaining to feminism, you are welcome to join.
  • WikiProject Feminism welcomes participants of all genders.
  • WikiProject Feminism is not sexist, racist, ageist, classist, ableist, biphobic, heterophobic, homophobic, or transphobic. As with the rest of Wikipedia, trolling (posting intentionally provocative or disruptive comments) will not be tolerated. If this happens, the trolling user will be warned per WP:TALK and WP:EQ and will be removed from the task force’s list of participants.

Check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Feminism


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