What’s this? Did I just read a little feminist commentary on Yahoo Sports??

Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports wrote the following this morning:

Cheerleader Melissa Kellerman was barely into the middle part of her 15 minutes of fame when the Dallas Cowboys pulled the plug. Kellerman, a 22-year-old student in her fourth year with the team, became a national sensation on Thanksgiving when she was accidentally tackled on the sideline by Cowboys tight end Jason Witten(notes). CNBC’s Darren Rovell reported that Kellerman was forced to delete her Twitter account after posting two messages on Friday morning about the incident. Her Tweets were good-natured and innocuous.

Cowboys cheerleader knocked over by Witten forced off Twitter

Those were pretty much the perfect tweets: Clever, self-deprecating and a bit funny. (We’ll even ignore the winking emoticons.) Why did she have to delete her Twitter account? Do the Cowboys believe cheerleaders are only to be seen, not heard?

I love it! A genuine critique of what looks like gender-policing to me!!


2 responses

  1. Clearly she wasn’t thinking. That’s the problem with social media now days, it’s difficult to sets standards for yourself and not end up using Facebook or twitter as a place to let your feelings out and tell how you feel, it’s usually not the right move. I’m not sure why she would want to go against other women like that either, by saying that she’s really tougher than the average women is basically what she’s saying, leaving all other women in a seperate category labeled as weak or fragile. She was released by the Dallas Cheerleading squad for a reason. Just need to be careful what you say, even if it is how you feel.

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