Speak up and Speak out….

Yesterday Julie Burton, President of the Women’s Media Center sent out a donation solicitation email. When I get these there is always a part of me that is overwhelmed – because I want to give – I wish I could give but I can’t. Not now because like many other Americans (99%??? : ) ), most days were pushing to make ends meet.

This particular soliciation email celebrated the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade and was concered about the future of women’s reproductive rights. And as I’m sure you know, this is something worth getting riled up about…

Most importantly the email announced the winner of the WMC’s “In Your Own Words video contest that asked contestants to tell us what they think the future of feminism looks like” Contest: Echo Zen

Okay — the point of this explanation about a solicitation email is this video — I can’t give money – I haven’t got any but I can use my voice – and so can you! Be clear and loud people, stand up for women’s reproductive rights. No need to be quiet.


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