I’ve been reading an interesting book by Samantha Murry…

It’s called The ‘Fat’ Female Body. Samantha Murry works at  Macquarie University in Sydney Australia and she writes about fat studies and fat activism. If you want to know more about her you can check out this post by Charlotte Cooper – another amazingly interesting woman who is thinking about ‘Fat’ in England.

I am bringing this up to y’all because I am currently struggling to make my dissertation come to life – which if you don’t know is focused on examining representations of the ‘fat’ female body in teen media –  and I feel this book is the first one that really hits home for me with regards to fat studies. (That said, there are definitely articles in the Fat Studies Reader that inspire) In particular, this book considers the ideas mind/body splitting and how this relates to fat activism and treatment of fat bodies – really, if you haven’t read it, you should. (Especially, if you have a schollarly or personal interest in Fat Studies or Fat Activism!)

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