Israel bans super skinnies from modeling

In an attempt to discourage eating disorders Israel has banned women with a BMI less than 18.5 from modeling. Check it out on daily mail. The new law also requires disclaimers – similar to smoking warnings – about photo shopping images.

Interesting stuff, huh?


3 responses

    • Probably good idea. I saw this big library of images of people that had varying BMI, with the BMI listed. It looks like the standard really needs to be redone. There were people in the underweight category ranging from really fit to worryingly emaciated, and just being short or having large breasts would push pretty thin and healthy looking women into the overweight region.

  1. I think its cool that they are making an effort to help them stay healthy, but i think they are going about it the wrong way. Maybe just have the models see a dietician because some peoples metabolisms or thyroids won’t allow them to surpass a certain BMI but still be fairly healthy.

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