Disqualified Transsexual Beauty Contestent…

Okay, I am getting a little too much of my news from yahoo lately but I was wondering how many of you heard about Jenna Talackova, who was a transsexual contestant in the Miss Universe pageant in Canada before she was disqualified because she was born male.

Clearly, this is a social justice issue – and as far as I’m concerned this decision should be over turned but I am always torn when we’re talking beauty pageants – they are like giant homages to female objectification. I know – my consistent focus on the horrors of objectification feels old hat sometimes – but I am just horrified at the idea that we view objectification as a source of empowerment. Argh!


2 responses

  1. I think it seems easy to judge pageants when you have never competed in one yourself. As someone who is actively involved in these competitions, I don’t feel they are self objectifying. They aren’t just beauty parades, but being a title holder is a job that requires a lot of community service work and dedication to helping others. These are extraordinary women making the most out of their lives.

    As for the contestant in question, I think the rules should be honored for now but I do think that any pageant program should allow trans gendered people into their competitions.

  2. This doesn’t seem to make sense at first because she has competed in both transsexual and women’s beauty pageants prior to this incident, which raises the point/argument that natural females aren’t allowed in transsexual pageants.

    I think we have to put ourselves in her position and realize that if that were us, we would want to be in the pageant really badly and we would want just as equal of a chance as everyone else.

    But then again there is a part of me that wants to say that ANYONE that has gone through plastic surgery shouldn’t be allowed in the pageant, i mean that kind of defeats the purpose and seems like cheating in a way because you’ve altered your body to a much further extent and definitely gives you an advantage in most cases.

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