Breastfeeding in Uniform… Hells, Yes!

I read the article entitled “Terran McCabe and Christina Luna, Military Moms, Breastfeeding: Photos of soldiers Nursing in Uniform Causes Controversy” on Huffington Post this morning and as usual I find myself dumfounded, repeatedly uttering, “Really? No… Really?”

The two women are proud to wear the uniform – and of course they are equally proud to be moms and breastfeed their babies – McCabe said as much in an interview with the Today show. The picture was taken for Mom2Mom, a breastfeeding support group for women who live and work at the base.

Despite the fact that breasts and breastfeeding are normal and natural, Yahoo news reports that “People are comparing breastfeeding in uniform …to the woman who posed in “Playboy” in uniform [in 2007].” And according to the Jacksonville News others have compared the picture to “urinating or defecating” in uniform. Once again, REALLY???

Some of you may remember my conversations about Breast Milk baby and the follow-up to that post … this is the same deal — breastfeeding is natural people, not obscene!!

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