Have you seen What the Sweeds are up to now? Gender Neutral Toy Sales!

Some of you may remember a post of mine about a Swedish preschool that was trying to become gender neutral. Well, this week a Swedish toy company published a gender neutral toy catalogue. Here are some of the images:

All in all I would find this joyful to look at but I seem to be having a gender crisis of sorts — seeing that Nerf gun in the little girls’ hands has my skin crawling — and clearly I should feel that way when I see a little boy playing war too! That said, I cannot believe how jarring it is to my sentiments to? see this gun in the little girls hands. The issue here is that guns in little boys hands are invisible and they shouldn’t be. How did we ever start seeing war and gun violence as a game? Doesn’t that seem a little sick to you? Still – Gotta love the idea of all children being taught to care for their homes and their future children  — Rock on Sweden!