Victoria’s Secret Needs a Grammar/Spelling Lesson

I hate to be an English Teacher but…. In this ad “Body’s” should be Bodies… There may be a copy editor somewhere that disagrees with me because in this case “Body” is the name of a product — but it seems clear to me that this is an incorrect use of an apostrophe.  Irritating.


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  1. Yes! I am so glad someone else noticed this, I nearly had a fit when I saw it (as a recently graduated English major). I also tried to talk myself into being okay with it because it’s a product name…but it really still doesn’t make sense. Irritating indeed.

    • I know, right! I am also still trying to deal with the fact that I feel like when you start talking grammar rules you look like a sour faced prude (and I’m using this word in all it patriarchal glory, i.e. you become what the patriarchy names woman undesirable). But really, this is not acceptable….

      also – I want correct grammar but I don’t want to imply that only those with correct grammar are valued or intelligent.

      • I totally know what you mean. And that’s what makes it extra impossible to comment on incorrect grammar in a Victoria’s Secret ad of all things. Making us out as uptight/prudish librarian types is all too easy when you can juxtapose us with fun, sexy angels who don’t care about grammar. The reason we dislike the incorrect usage of possessive apostrophes is because we are afraid of sex, obviously.

  2. Echoes the idea that smart isn’t appealing in a woman … gross. The more we talk about this the more interesting it gets — it’s as though the grammar mistake affirms the idea that all that is important in this commercial is women’s bodies.

  3. There are a few reasons why I think it is both incorrect and ill-considered:
    1. The plural of body is bodies.
    2. Quotes used where they are not needed imply sarcasm.
    3. I first saw this ad plastered across their store window. For anyone who doesn’t know their trademarked name for their bras, it just looks as though they are talking about the models’ bodies.
    4. A bit of a stretch, but it’s too reminiscent of the “Bodies” exhibit, in which Asian corpses are flayed, plasticized, then exhibited in various poses. Made me think of it immediately, as their ads are all over NYC. (People may think I’m oversensitive, and they are probably right, but that’s what it made me think of.)

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