Thank you Rad Fatty for Dancing your ass off.

I know I’m a sentimental fool but in this world that puts down and torments fat women, seeing Amber Riley win Dancing with the Stars, made my cry.

And then she said this:

And now she’s my hero. I love to see strong proud women open their mouths and voice the reality that your body shape/size/color should not hinder you.

Hell Yeah. GO Amber Riley go.

5 responses

  1. I don’t watch the show but I watched this clip and wept. Glad to see it. Glad to see her partner lift her off her feet. Glad to see her own her size. Glad to see a fat girl not apologize…

  2. Susie – I so agree. You should watch some of the footage of the show. I didn’t watch it either – just clips, but she is so powerful. It’s really a pleasure to see. I adore her.

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