Fattitude Seeking Intern

Fattitude is looking for a media research intern. This is a virtual, unpaid position – but we are very kind and we take good care of our interns. (Right Danitza Núñez and Jordan Ward?)

This current internship is a research internship –  this person will be helping us gather and catogorize fat-phobic media – headlines, images, video, etc. He or she will also have the opportunity to see footage that no one else sees – possibly write blog posts and/or become familiar with the other elemets of our process – editing, fundraising, etc. 

This intern will connect via google hangout once a week to review the content that has been accumulated. As far as time commitment – beyond the weekly meeting the amount of time committed is really up to the intern. We hope he/she will commit about 5-10 hours of his/her time.  We will not be hovering, and we are very understanding of academic and other schedules.

That said, in the beginning this intern may need to connect with us more often as she/he gets used to what to look for and how to categorize it.  We will also invite this intern to all events, etc. and he/she will be listed in Fattitude’s credits. 

Do you know anyone who would be interested? If so have them email a resume and a one paragraph explanation about why they want to work on this film to Fattitudethemovie@gmail.com

Subject line: Fattitude Intern


If you haven’t seen it watch the trailer: